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Seeing how much work needs to go into the compiler to use the hardware well is relatively daunting for somebody looking at distinctly Not-C-family compilers for the Mill. However, I then remember LLVM. Since it has loop IR classes, I hope this means all the pipelining analysis & transformation you’re writing lives in the LLVM middle-end for any front-end to use?

Maintaining a language myself, I completely understand and empathize with the years of battling unclean semantics and finally having that eureka moment that makes it all so simple. We’re very slow to make language changes even for obviously good ideas for precisely that reason.

It was nice to see mentioned that my Lisp & JavaScript ABI questions are still points of consideration, even if they’re well outside the initial assumptions of the Mill. In the meantime, a lot of consideration on my end has taken a JVM style approach of tracking common usages and issuing runtime recompiles to optimize specific parameter layouts.

It would be great to see some “ah hah!” allowing dynamic languages (specifically flexible calling conventions & multiple stacks) to slot into direct Mill support. But if not, it may not matter too much. These last few decades have witnessed compiler advances delivering effectively native speeds for dynamic languages on existing architectures so far.

Again, a great talk, and it’s wonderful to see all these ideas be able to coalesce in our minds, filling in all the previously NYF gaps. :-)