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So just for extreme clarity: The simulator examples given here, and the assembly language shown, is only ever for member-specific code, and never for abstract family code? JITs would generate a LLVM-ish intermediate serialized representation?

(Related to JITs, but slightly off-topic, but I don’t recall which talk covered it: With the way EBBs and function semantics work, is it possible for a subroutine to have multiple entry points? Just considering optimization possibilities for always-vararg languages.)

When bin-filling the binary instruction encoding, does your software take into account expected popularity of instructions to prefer common instructions for tighter encoding and uncommon instructions as an otherwise needlessly larger encoding to make room for the common ones?

Do you anticipate any temporal quantization or aliasing problems with tracking time as (presumably) integer picoseconds in simulation for systems with multiple clock rates? It seems like there could be edge cases where sim would consider activities simultaneous which would be ordered in hardware, depending on the usefulness of that distinction at the sub-picosecond scale.

Also, as a Lisp programmer and heavy DSL creator, I must say that when you were showing C++ metaprogramming and especially the enum issue, I could only think of Greenspun’s Tenth Rule. 😉