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Ivan Godard
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In this and all other topics, please do not speculate or suggest ideas in the public forum. We have put and are putting a great deal of work into the Mill, and would like to see some tangible reward for our work. We may already have worked out something in great detail and are just about to file the patents on it, only to have an innocent well-intentioned suggestion give enough of the idea that a patent is no longer available, or could be attacked even if granted.

We do ask for help, but that doesn’t mean that we are looking for postings of ideas, it means that we are looking for real human beings, with expertise – or just thought-out ideas – in the subject, who will join our team, sign the necessary NDA and IP agreements to protect our and their work, and put significant time into the effort on a sweat-equity basis. Contact me directly ( if that’s you.

So please, keep the discussion here only on material that has been part of our public disclosures, or material that has already been published by third parties. The latter is especially useful – a cite to an obscure decades-old paper may save us the cost of a pointless patent filing. Or ask questions about how XYZ from a talk works (but don’t suggest alternatives). Or talk about marketing or business matters – Mill Computing has a real technology, not just a business plan and an MBA as so many startups do, so we have nothing we need to protect about the business.

But please, nothing about anything that might be a patent someday; speculations and ideas can hurt us and don’t help you.