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im sure there are ways to get around that.

the bitcoin community is international, i dont see why you wouldn’t want to try and pursue this option. a bunch of company’s raise capital through bitcoin with arbitrary promises and business plans never having to go jump through legal hoops.
check out

all you have to do is layout a plan forward that would most benefit the widest amount of people, a low power soc that can be used on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Ubiquitous computing is the future, you only need 1 good implementation to serve the majority of needs for consumers.

People will carry around a single system that will provide the compute capability for all their devices and they wont need to upgrade as much anymore because we will reach a point where normal consumers have enough compute capability, i think the the Mill of 2015 can be that point.

ASICs and DSPs will fill the gap for intensive computing and we might even start seeing FPGA’s on consumer devices usable in the same way you can use a GPU to accelerate computing for certain applications. Qualcomm now make the DSP on its soc available to be used by third-party applications.

Decentralization will bring the cloud down to earth, servers are not going to be needed as much with p2p applications.

I think the intel era is coming to an end, so i dont see their business model as good model to follow, even if they have a good profit record.

just my opinion, i could be wrong, the NSA do need their servers and maybe consumers will want the compute capability’s to have their own strong AI’s.