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promised reward does not necessarily need to be legally tied, you could just say that potentially in the future, it will be decided based on success how many x shares will be given for each bitcoin donated. the donation data will be forever in the bitcoin blockchain where you will be able to programmatically assign shares or dividends to donor addresses.

personally id be more then enough happy to have more performance sooner and get mores law back on track.

technological progress is not linear, putting off progress is not x years loss in potential gain in advances, its exponential.

im not a whale, i cant invest via the official and standard route. but a whole lot of small fish can make a significant impact. bitcoin is full of tech geeks, we understand that better/cheaper tech for everyone is better/cheaper tech for ourselves.

also there is the potential for allot of media attention if Mill Computing gets involved with bitcoin, you can be sure the community will take opportunity to try and gain from the success they give you, successful funding of major tech advancement would be something nice to add to Bitcoins track-record.

also maybe consider getting in contact with Canonical, they would benefit greatly also for their ubuntu phone project.