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Ivan Godard
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I wish! 🙂

We are not comfortable with simply asking for donations. If the Mill gets anywhere it will be big, and those of us who are or become shareholders will do well. Meanwhile the donors get nothing. That seems unfair; we don’t want to be an Oculus Rift.

On a Kickstarter you offer rewards in exchange for donations, i.e. make pre-sales. That works fairly well for a CD, even a movie, but we are still a long way and much money from having a product we can ship as a reward. Also, how many donors would actually want a chip, without board and box and …?

So about all we have to offer is stock or other interest in our future. However, there are rather severe rules around offering interests, rules that on the whole I’m glad are there, even though they do bite. Among those rules is that we can’t solicit people to invest; people who want to invest have to come to us (and at the top left you’ll see a sign-up place so we can let them know when and if the opportunity arises).

We appreciate your enthusiasm – do go tell your friends, one and all, especially those that are bazillionaires – but heavy semi, which the Mill is, is neither fast nor cheap.

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