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Ivan Godard
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You assume correctly; you can pass any subset of the rights you have, and the “r” is explicitly not passing “w”.

About the arena: the concern is, if the arena is passed with “w” rights and contains both data and administration (which is the way many heaps are organized) the the recipient can tromp on the administration. However, if the administration is disjoint from the contained data (which is the way some heaps are organized) then only the data and not the administration is exposed. Of course, if the callee needs to add or remove nodes in the arena, the latter approach would require also giving the callee portals to the client routines that do the arena malloc and free, because the service would not be able to play with the administration directly itself.

It’s clear that the Mill primitives can be used in many different ways to support many different models, and we expect the users and the field as a whole to spend happy hours exploring the possibilities and discovering what policies and protocols provide the best of both function and performance. Have fun 🙂