Q: What does NYF stand for?
Stands for Not Yet Filed – as used here it refers to a patent or patents that are Not Yet Filed. Questions about patentable mechanisms that are NYF cannot be answered without an NDA due to USPTO rules.

Q: Why no PDF slides? Publishing PDF slides (instead of .pptx) would make them available to more people.
A: Unfortunately PDF format doesn’t support the animations, and without those the slides are pretty useless. We looked into creating a completely different presentation without the animations, but decided we don’t have the bandwidth, and the need for a static format was better served by white papers, of which we have a few in process. We had been using OpenOffice (and tried LibreOffice) but found both useless because of bugs in the animation on some platforms and the generally limited support for animation creation, and so settled on MSOffice as the best of the choices.

There is a free PowerPoint Viewer available from Microsoft, although we have had reports of issues with it on the Mac. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=6 or Google “PowerPoint viewer”.