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realizing  exu stream  exu block  compute phase   operation   in the binary floating point value domain   using excepting overflow behavior   that produces condition codes and rounds toward zero

native on: Silver Gold

Inexactly convert a binary floating point value to a signed integer, rounding toward zero and producing NaRs on overflow.

f2sfxz(f x) → f r0

operands: like Addf [ff:f]

Core In Slots Latencies
Silver E0 E1 w:w=3 wv:wv=3 d:d=4 dv:dv=4 q:q=5 qv:qv=5
Gold E0 E1 E2 E3 w:w=3 wv:wv=3 d:d=4 dv:dv=4 q:q=5 qv:qv=5

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