Tin Core

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Cores: Tin Copper Silver Gold 

Tin is the smallest viable general purpose chip. It only has each one properly populated exu and flow slot, so instruction level parallelism is quite limited. It also doesn't support wider vector operands. It is extremely low power though, so it would lend itself to ultra-mobile devices or it could serve as an overblown micro controller.

Belt: 8  Morsel: 3bit  Scalar Width: 64bit  Operand Maximum Size: 8B  

Pipelines: 19  Retire Stations: 8  Scratchpad: 4096B  

Spill Buffers: 8  Spiller Stack Size: 16MB  

iCache Line: NoneB  

2 reader slots, 17bits wide   2 writer slots, 20bits wide   1 pick slots, 11bits wide   

exu slot 0, 19bits wide, with functional units: alu count mul NaR nope shift shuffle 

exu slot 1, 7bits wide, with functional units: cc exuArgs 

flow slot 0, 18bits wide, with functional units: boot cache con conform control ls misc nopf 

flow slot 1, 8bits wide, with functional units: flowArgs nopf 

Operation Encoding